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02 February 2018
On Sunday, October 22 2017, we realized the greatest wish of Célia, 11 years old, neuro-degenerative disease.

Célia and her family have been fighting this disease with courage for many years now. The disease caused repeated epileptic seizures that left her unable to express herself or move. 

However, the use of the "snoezel" space of the CHL gave her a lot of appeasement. This is why the Kanner Wonsch® volunteers all worked to create her own "snoezel" space at home. 

She can relax while watching the stars and butterflies fly around her, smell the smell of flowers in the fields dancing under a gentle breeze of spring, at any moment. 

Not far from being satisfied with this interior space, Kanner Wonsch® volunteers have also been keen to transform outdoor spaces. Indeed, Célia will be able to enjoy the benefits of nature in her garden where volunteers have built a structure that can accommodate her.
Célia's outdoor area

We would like to thank the following people, without whom we could not have achieved Célia's greatest wish: 

Wishforce - Donata, Elodie, Helena, Holly, Marcel, Marcellino, Monica, Perla, Ruth, Sylvie and Veronique. 
Wish Granters - Alison, Carlos, Coralie, Cyril, Eliane, Joao, Laura, Michelle, Sebastien and Suné. 
Wish helpers - Russo concept and Simon concept, Groupe Guy Rollinger 
Wish photographer - Lisbeth Ganer 
Wish sponsor - Allen & Overy 

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