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15 September 2019

Abby, 9 years old, Rare disease

I would like to sleep under the stars


Abby's wish main pic

This week, volunteers from Kanner Wonsch worked to transform the bedroom of 9-year-old Abby, who has a rare disease. As a result, she suffers from spasms paralyzing her upper limbs.


Her greatest wish was to sleep under the stars. It was, therefore, natural that volunteers thought of renovating her bedroom so she can enjoy a starry sky every night. She can now contemplate the moon and stars from the comfort of her bed.

However, not content to simply recreate a starry sky thanks to Morosini, specialist in stretched  ceilings, volunteers also designed and re-decorated her whole room with a mermaid and stars theme.


Abby is an artist at heart who doesn’t surrender. She loves to indulge in creative hobbies. This is why, thanks to the generosity of Fachmaart Robert Steinhäuser, the volunteers were able to offer her all the materials an artist could dream of.


Staying at her grandparents’ house since Monday night, Abby did not suspect for a moment that she would find a new bedroom upon her return home yesterday afternoon.

At the unveiling, Abby was euphoric. Wherever her eyes went, she discovered something new. She was especially captivated by the beautiful starry sky above her head. Her smile radiated throughout the room. The beautiful blue of the walls only accentuated the contrast with the deep blue of the stretched ceiling, embellished with small LED lights, being the brightest stars.


Finally, Abby was able to share all her emotions with her family and her best friends while enjoying some refreshments and treats especially made for the occasion by the volunteers.

We would like to thank the following people, without whom we could not have granted Abby’s biggest wish:

Wishforce: Joelle, Héléna, Jelena, Jonathan, Marcel, Elodie.
Wish helpers: Fachmaart Robert Steinhäuser SA, Studio-Land Sàrl, ML Concept-Morosini SA, Daniel Jeromito.
Wish photographer: Gregory Jeromito.

More details about this wish by contacting  or + 352.314-595


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