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I WISH to BE a Super Hero

For 5-year-old Alexandre, who was diagnosed with Leukemia, meeting a super hero was not what his WISH was about. His biggest, most dearest WISH was to BE a Super Hero, so on October 2, 2016 Kanner Wonsch granted Alexandre’s magical WISH.

The adventure began with two Luxembourgish police officers knocking on Alexandre’s door with a Super Hero costume specially created for him. They explained that there was a situation that required his help! A fairy (ICU Nurse and Kanner Wonsch volunteer, Sylvie de Matos) had been kidnapped by the evil Joker, who planned to use her magic wand to steal all of ING Bank’s money! The Joker had recorded several video messages for Alexandre, which the police played for him so he could understand how urgently they needed his help.

Alexandre was rushed in a Police car to Findel International Airport where the Joker was last spotted. Alex worked his way through the airport, talking with staff at shops and counters asking if anyone had seen the nefarious Joker. The trail led to the runway and small plane, from which Alex surveyed the city of Luxembourg, searching for signs of where the Joker had taken Fairy Sylvie. Realizing that they were headed for the center of the city, and that the plane could not land there, they returned to Findel. A unique, white McLaren sports car, fitted with Alexandre’s Super Hero Logo, was waiting to whisk Alex directly to Place Clairefontaine, in the heart of Luxembourg City. Police had been updated with reports of the Joker and his gang of motorcycle bandits (Luxembourg Ruff Ryders) parading through the square with Fairy Sylvie.

Alex arrived to find a large crowd encouraging him to rescue Sylvie from the Joker and his henchmen. He used his magical Super Hero powers to push the motorcycle bandits back, but not quickly enough to save the magic fairy, Sylvie. The Joker escaped once again! However, clues had been left in Place Clairfontaine providing the map to where the Joker had taken Sylvie. A hunt through the square ensued and the pieces of the puzzle quickly came together. Meanwhile, the Luxembourg Fire Department arrived to help assist with the capture of the Joker. The clues revealed that ING Bank was the Joker’s final stand. Alex, in his white McLaren, followed by his best friend in a Luxembourg fire truck, dashed off in pursuit of the Joker.

Arriving at ING Bank, it was clear that Alex was getting close. Again, using his super powers to push back and disarm the motorcycle gang, he quickly entered the bank in pursuit of the Joker. Finding Fairy Sylvie bound and gagged he knew the Joker was nearby. “Yaaaa Yaaaa,” yelled Alexandre, when he spotted the Joker. His positive energy and power stopped the Joker in his tracks and the police were able to apprehend and contain him, saving Luxembourg and ING Bank from the Joker’s evil plans. Fairy Sylvie was set free and Alex had saved the day!

News of Alexandre’s bravery had already spread throughout the Grand Duchy. Within moments of saving the Fairy, the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, Maria Teresa, arrived to show her immense appreciation for his efforts and awarded Alex a medal of appreciation.

To create even more excitement for Alexandre’s Super Hero Day, Kanner Wonsch invited public participation in his wish. Large crowds filled the Place Fontaine and crowded the sidewalks in front of ING Bank that afternoon, all in support of Alex and his quest. We thank all of you for your generosity of spirit.

Sophie from ING reached out after Alex’s fabulous wish day to say that she hopes Alexandre will always remember this day, as her and her team will always remember participating: “For us, this was a day filled with emotions, namely joy! We were all happy to see the joy on Alexandre’s face, and to have been able to contribute to making his parents and loved ones smile again. Thanks to all of the Kanner Wonsch team for allowing us to live out this amazing experience!”


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