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13 JULY 2013

Arthur is – just like many other five-year-old boys – really into pirates, and he could think of nothing better in the world than to be the hero in a genuine pirate battle. But unlike most other pirates-to-be, Arthur has leukemia. Kanner Wonsch Luxembourg decided to make his dream come true.

Kanner Wonsch is an organization granting the wishes of children aged 3 to 18 with critical medical conditions. Their philosophy is quite simple: Granting a wish gives these children and their families what they perhaps need the most: hope, strength and joy.

Arthur was our second wish child. The first wish child, Fabiana, got to have tea with Rapunzel in Disneyland in Paris in May.

A pirate and his friends

The children typically wish to meet someone, to have something, to go somewhere or to be something – such as a pirate. After months of preparations by Kanner Wonsch volunteers, and thanks to generous donations from both companies and private individuals, Arthur was in for a surprise on July 11th. Dressed up as a mini Jack Sparrow, only more stylish, he was taken to the grandest pirate ship ever under the command of such a young and devoted captain.

Kanner Wonsch had help from professional coordinators and from his friends from kindergarten, all of them pirates for the day and all of them following Captain Arthur’s orders.

It is clear that a pirate is put to many tests, and Arthur had to prove he could be a true magician and that he could lead his pirate friends not only in battle but also on a challenging treasure hunt, and the rewards were plentiful.

A dream come true for Arthur, and a joyful day for his family and friends: “It is so great to see Arthur surrounded by his friends having such a wonderful time”, his mother says, emphasizing the importance of friends, and being able to spend a bit of time with them in the kindergarten. “He is so full of energy, so we’ll play hide and seek in the hospital bed”, she adds.

A much-needed break

And hospital beds are a big part of Arthur’s life now, as well as tough treatments; the last few months have been very hard for him and his family. He has two more years of treatments ahead of him, at the hospital in Nancy in France. Thanks to Kanner Wonsch, they all received a much-needed break and a lot of good memories – of little Jack Sparrow and his outbursts of laughter – the laugh of a true pirate and the laugh of a happy little boy.


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