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I WISH to be, to go, to meet, to have... Everything is prepared to perfection so the WISHday is something that is truly inspirational for the WISHkid. Prior to the wish fulfilment, a specific process is followed to ensure that the Wish is everything the child hopes for and more.
After a child is referred, we check that they reside in Luxembourg and are receiving treatment for a life-threatening medical condition. The child must be between three and 18 years old at the time of the referral, and never had a wish granted previously by any organization.
A meeting is held with the child's parents to get an overall understanding of the child, their medical condition, abilities and general thoughts around what the child’s wish may be (although this can change when the child is interviewed), and sign their approval.
Next, the treating physician must sign off that the child is eligible for and in strong enough health to be able to receive the wish. 
After the physician’s sign off is when the real fun begins! The WISHteam is created with three members, including a team leader.  A team Member, along with our Wish Granting manager, then meet the WISHkid to understand their biggest wish. 
Once the child’s biggest wish is known, the WISHteam gets to work designing and creating the ultimate wish experience that will create a memorable and inspiring day for the child and their family.  Everything is kept secret so the child is completely surprised. The wish planning time can take from days, in the case of a rush wish, up to a six months or in extreme cases a year, if for example the child wishes to meet a celebrity.  It all really depends on the wish!
On WISHday, the unfolding of the Wish is a complete surprise for the child. The child sometimes doesn’t even know when the wish will be granted, making the surprise even greater! But one thing is certain; the wishes always go above and beyond the child’s expectations and imagination.
After the WISHday, a debriefing session is held to discuss what went well, what could have been done differently, and any feedback from the WISHkid or the family.
A photo album or film is created and one copy is given to the WISHkid, and one copy to the parents, to always remember their special day.  Additional copies are kept for Kanner Wonsch.
If the family has given approval for publicity the WISH will also be included in our next newsletter and published on our Facebook page where other members of the family and friends will be able to view photos of the special day.
Local participation is important and appreciated. Throughout the entire Wish Granting process, Kanner Wonsch representatives work with the local community through partnerships, donations, and cooperation to involve the community, businesses, and the local communes if appropriate to help make the wish come true.

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