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30 NOVEMBER 2015

On 28th of November, Charlotte’s dream of having an amazing 15th birthday celebration was granted by means of a BOUM. "Une boum" is a French term for a party or a great success…and it sure was!

Charlotte, a 15-year-old young woman, has endured over 40 surgeries since being diagnosed with Ollier’s disease when she was 18 months old and has been in and out of hospital her entire life.  Tonight, her mom said, “She can think about something else.”

The evening started with a chauffeured limousine ride from her home to Indigo Makeup Studio where the owner, Ivana, and makeup artist Elisabeth gave Charlotte first class treatment and instruction on applying makeup.  Charlotte’s sister, Clementine, her parents and Kanner Wonsch volunteers looked on as she was pampered and readied for her big party.  She learned some new techniques and was thrilled with the results, which further enhanced a lovely young woman.

Meanwhile, the rest of the WISHteam was busy preparing the BOUM at Beim Siggy in Luxembourg Ville.  One entire level of the restaurant was turned into a party zone. With cool décor and lighting in the dance room, a lounge where the teens could hang out, and incredible finger foods to satisfy every teenager, the party was beginning to take shape. 

When Charlotte arrived at the party, a huge group of friends were waiting to greet her.  Enthusiastically, her friends led her downstairs and showed her the venue.  “It was exactly this that I wanted!” and ”French fries and burgers…paradise!,” Charlotte told event planner Marion Bernard from Mevengreen, who provided the decorations and the BOUM theme.  Later, wearing a large smile and quickly passing with friends, she exclaimed, “This is awesome!”  Charlotte had never had a party with her friends due to her illness.  Kanner Wonsch was going to make sure it was a party she wouldn’t forget!

As soon as the DJ started spinning the music, the dancing and singing began.  Several hours into the evening there was a pause to present Charlotte with her gifts.  Her good friend, Rachel, presented gifts that her class had purchased together. 

Kanner Wonsch presented Charlotte with the second half of her WISH – a gift certificate for a “relooking” session at RelooKing & Queen.  A flabbergasted Charlotte replied “Oh my God!”  Charlotte will spend an entire day with Adélaïde Dubucq of RelooKing & Queen customised to her wishes!

Dancing, chatting, laughing, eating and plain fun ensued until the evening ended.  The evening allowed Charlotte to forget her illness, to be a regular teenager, to feel beautiful and pampered and to learn how to really have fun; something her mom hoped would happen. 

Finally, a tired but happy Charlotte was escorted home by the Kanner Wonsch team with memories to last a lifetime.

Kanner Wonsch would like to thank the people who helped realize this wish:

Docler Holding  |  Elisabeth and Ivana at Indigo Make Up Studio
Mevengreen  |  Adélaïde Dubucq at RelooKing & Queen  | DJ Nilton
Lux-Limousine  |  Beim Siggy   |  Edith Rollinger-Simon  |  Wick Aben

The Kanner Wonsch team and volunteers:
Diane Diederick  | Wendy Pomeranz |  Hedwig Schot 
Cindi Wilson |  Sylvie De Matos  |  Jennifer Milleson

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