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David is a boy full of vitality. He discovered YouTube during his extended stay at the Brussels Hospital after being diagnosed with leukemia. He hasn’t stopped watching online videos since, and he dreamt of having his very own YouTube channel.
Thanks to the Kanner Wonsch team, it's done! You can now subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow the adventures of The DAVID. Be sure not to miss any video by also following his Facebook page.
To start his incredible adventures with a bang, Kanner Wonsch Luxembourg has organized a packed itinerary.

David did not believe his eyes when a magnificent Ferrari was waiting for him at his home on 4 July to take him to experience the daily life of the Special Unit of the Luxembourg Police.

David had surprise after surprise waiting for him!
The agents arrived at the police headquarters in an armored van. Then, they prepared David for a special mission. After donning his tailor-made uniform, The DAVID and his new colleagues set out for the forest in pursuit of a nasty criminal, who couldn’t escape them because David waited camouflaged in the forest. They were able to capture the thug easily!

USP agents prepare David for the mission 

Without waiting, they all returned to the training ground where they zip lined from 15 meters high and participated in a shooting session. The DAVID was very brave and worthy of the uniform he wore!
Finally, to end this afternoon rich in emotions, everyone enjoyed some cake while David opened the many gifts generously offered by the agents.

And that's not all!

On 6 July 2019, Kanner Wonsch volunteers organized a trip that David will remember for a very long time. The fearless little boy went to Walygator Park with all his friends.
Once again, the day started off with a big surprise as an Emile Weber bus pulled up in front of his home to take David and all his friends to live an exceptional day. He was excited to spend the day with everyone, although he did not know what to expect.

Group in front of Emile Weber bus
The group quickly arrived in front of the Walygator Park where the mascot Waly was waiting to welcome everyone and to give David a very special gift: an iPad to create content for his YouTube channel. He now has all the elements to make his YouTube channel one that must not be missed.

Waly gives David the i-pad 

The day passed quickly and was so full of videos, lunch and thrill rides that David was going nonstop!
To top it all off, David got to share the stage with the cast at the Crazy show.
Finally, everyone returned to Luxembourg after having spent a day rich in emotions, with lots of good memories as souvenirs.
If you, too, want to get a glimpse of his adventures at Walygator Park, subscribe to his YouTube channel and Facebook page; adventures soon available on The David!

We would like to thank the following people, without whom we could not have achieved this part of David's greatest wish:

Wishforce: Alison, Julian, Suné, Emma, Jonathan, Marcel & Elodie.
Wish helpers: Agents of the USP, 11F & Francorchamps Motors - Luxembourg, Emile WeberParc Walygator SAS Olipark, Merijn De Jager, Pan Invest Luxembourg SA.
Wish photographers: Catherine Saffroy, Lisa Folschette. 


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