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22 DECEMBER 2014

The 20th of December was a day of surprises for one special girl … and they unfolded, one-by-one. Iara, 13, has Osteosarcoma, a cancerous bone tumour that is most prevalent in children and young adults.

Iara’s dearest wish was to see her extended family in Portugal, whom she hadn’t seen for four years. She is also an avid fan of Violetta, the popular Disney Channel series featuring a talented teenager who returns to her hometown in Buenos Aires after living briefly in Europe, and in her new life discovers friends, love, a passion for music and the experience of growing up.  So Iara’s wish combined these two desires into a “Violetta” themed trip to Portugal.

Her first surprise was having her wish fulfilled one day earlier than she expected. Seeing the Kanner Wonsch volunteers arrive at her house in the afternoon meant the wish was launching and the excitement was about to begin!

Expectantly waiting for a minibus to pick them up, the next surprise was seeing a large white “Las Vegas”-style chauffeured limo pull up in front of her house.  With juice and champagne flowing, Violetta music playing in the background and ambient mood lighting, she and her parents traveled in style to the airport.

While in the limo, Iara was presented a video from her favorite cousin, who explained that he had to be in France during her wish day and couldn’t participate, but wished her a wonderful day. After enjoying a small excursion around town in the limo, they arrived at the airport – and what a reception it was!

Iara disembarked from the limo onto a red carpet for her grand entrance into the Luxembourg airport. Met with banners, balloons and cheering, she felt like a Disney star herself! Upon entering, a flash mob moved into action, and 30 dancers from Zumbachicas performed the signature Violetta song “En Mi Mundo” (In my Own World), creating an unforgettable experience. It was a moment in time where time stood still. Everything in the airport stopped, and for some moments everyone just stopped and watched.  Some words in the Violetta song are, “… this is my world, I am who I am, I’ve only just begun, now I know my real life starts today ...”  For Iara, it had special meaning on this day; today it was “her world”, and she would go back to her family home and start her own real-life, two-week adventure.

Amid clapping, Iara was then presented a bag of gifts with the Violetta theme, as well as a Violetta pillow and blanket to make her flight even more comfortable. But the surprises weren’t over yet; when she turned around another surprise materialized. The cousin she thought would not be able to join her was there for her big moment, and time stood still a second time as they hugged and she beamed with joy.

To continue her special VIP treatment, Iara also enjoyed her own VIP check-in line and was provided access to the airport lounge prior to her flight. Before she embarked, Iara said she was, “Really surprised about everything and really happy about all of it.“ Iara will never forget the fanfare, the Violetta moments nor the airport excitement, because she will also receive a video of her whole experience.


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