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28 JULY 2015

On Sunday morning, July 26th, Kevin’s parents told him that they were taking him out to lunch…

Kevin’s WISHteam had been busy since early morning transforming the Youth Center in Wiltz into a Mindcraft-themed treasure hunt game and family barbeque. Minecraft is a computer game that creates fantastical buildings and structures using creativity, survival and exploration, and allows you to collaborate with other players online.

According to his mom, 17-year-old Kevin, who suffers from IPEX Syndrome, a very rare genetic disease, is a very quiet boy who usually enjoys staying at home or, when he is out, he is often found off to the side playing on his computer. 

Not today!!

Kevin arrived a little unsure of what was going on, but upon seeing his grandparents, aunts, uncles and many cousins, a big smile formed on his face.  The younger cousins, who were giddy with excitement, filled the space with laughter.  It was a colorful and fun atmosphere with picnic tables set in Minecraft colors of black and green and decorated with Papercraft (Minecraft animals and shapes in origami-like fashion). A large barbeque was prepared, and Kevin and his extended family enjoyed steak, sausages, pork filet, several salads and assorted drinks. Inspired by the music which played during lunch, once shy, but now animated Kevin joined a cousin in showing off some of their dance moves.

Kevin, being a HUGE Minecraft fan, was led through a series of “real life” Minecraft building challenges to reach his final WISH.  Stations where Kevin and his cousins had to build a working desk, a farmyard, and ultimately a house out of various sized boxes created a lot of running around, laughing, and teamwork among the family.  

Before being presented with his WISH gifts, a HUGE Minecraft themed cake was served! Kevin’s WISH will stay with him long after his WISHday, as he discovered his newly-wrapped Dell Alienware computer and gaming headset inside the Minecraft house he had built. Known for its stunningly powerful performance and incredible graphics, Kevin will be able to enjoy the ultimate Minecraft gaming experience for a long time to come.

Kevin’s WISH was granted and the shy quiet boy left the park with a huge smile and not so quiet after all.

We would like to thank the following for their assistance in making Kevins's Wish possible:

Jugendhaus Wooltz  |  Amazon EU  |  Civic Centre Wiltz

The Wish Team and volunteers:
Diane Diederick  | Lynn Callaghan |  Fernando Mendes  | Toni Madeira
Lisbeth Ganer |  Cindi Wilson |  Sylvie De Matos  |  Jennifer Milleson

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