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10 APRIL 2017


Hello. My name is Lena, I’m 17 years old and I’m a HUGE fan of Ed Sheeran. I sent a letter to Kanner Wonsch a while ago in the hopes that they could help me meet him. I used to suffer from leukemia and am currently in remission. Throughout this period, I listened to Ed Sheeran’s songs on a loop, watched all of his interviews and thought to myself: maybe this stupid disease could help me out, for once!

The wish

I arrived in Madrid, accompanied by my best friend, not really knowing what was awaiting me. Actually, Kanner Wonsch had organized an entire weekend around this long-awaited meeting! My mother was there, along with a Kanner Wonsch volunteer. When I arrived, all of the hotel personnel were very caring!

The next morning, they told me that I would be meeting Ed Sheeran that same afternoon, just before his concert! I was left speechless and was nearly paralyzed by this news, because I had thought I was just going to see his concert!

Throughout the day Saturday, I couldn’t sit still.

We visited many of the unavoidable monuments in the Spanish capital, then headed to the Wizink Center, where Ed Sheeran’s concert was being held.

The meeting

Upon our arrival at the center, the Kanner Wonsch volunteer simply had to make a phone call to the tour manager and we were good to go for the meeting! I spent the most unforgettable 15 minutes of my life face-to-face with Ed Sheeran!

He was dealing with a slight cold then, but that didn’t stop him from signing our cards and t-shirts. He also generously agreed to let us take photos with him. I hope I caught his cold…it would be a great souvenir to take with me! He is very nice, just like I imagined him, and I will never forget these moments I spent with him!

I’d like to thank the WISHforce (Elodie, Lisbeth & Marcel) for having granted my biggest wish.


As a major social actor in the GDL, ALEBA is always committed to promoting the values of solidarity that it has worked to defend. In this context, and being particularly touched by the story of young Lena and her courage, ALEBA agreed to support her wish (after being contacted by Kanner Wonsch) to travel to Spain so she could meet her idol. “For ALEBA, it is very important that we can offer new services for youth who are either still studying or currently trying to find their first job, via the ALEBA Youth offer. We would be very happy to count Lena as one of our members, so that we can help her through her studies or finding her first job!” added Laurent Mertz, ALEBA’s General Secretary.

Kanner Wonsch would like to firstly thank ALEBA, but also the following people and companies, without whom Lena's wish would not have been possible:

  • Dawn Ellis (Make-A-Wish® UK)
  • Hotel NH Lagasca
  • Europ Assistance Luxembourg
  • Marcel Hagendoom
  • Elodie Kessler
  • Lisbeth Ganer

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