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21 NOVEMBER 2013

Just another Tuesday with snow in the air, but for a young lady named Lisa, this November Tuesday is to be anything but ordinary. This is the day her wish will come true.

Lisa de Jesus is 9 years old and she has a rare progressive condition called Proteus Syndrome, characterised by overgrowth of the bones, skin and other tissues. Less than 1 in 1 million people worldwide get Proteus Syndrome. It results from a random genetic change during the early stages of development before birth, which disrupts a cell's ability to regulate its own growth allowing it to grow and divide abnormally.

For Lisa one of her wishes is to be a princess for a day and with a wave of its magic wand, Kanner Wonsch were able to grant that wish.

A stretch limo glides to a stop in front of a primary school and passersby looking in may get a glimpse of none other than Prince Charming. He has brought a sparkling shoe and is looking for a special girl whose foot it will fit.

Lisa’s teachers and classmates wave goodbye as she leaves the school in true Cinderella style, on the arm of Prince Charming, dressed all in blue to match his princess. Off they go in the limo with loud music and laughter, even followed by a TV team, as a modern Cinderella should be! The prince is not only elegant, but also gallant and generous and he takes Lisa and her three best friends to lunch at McDonald’s. There, they receive the royal treatment, being waited on hand and foot by the staff.

After the royal lunch, it’s time to give Cinderella and her friends a royal makeover and the hairdresser is waiting. The castle for the day is the US Embassy. Cinderella and her friends mingle with other royal guests such as Snow White, and of course the prince, while sipping tea from the most delicate cups and savoring cupcakes as blue as Cinderella’s dress. A face painter, magician and balloon artist are there for their royal entertainment.

After so much excitement it is time to depart, especially when you’re a 9 year old princess who doesn’t have all her strength. In a modern Cinderella story like this one, Tuesday night is a school night. Lisa returns to her everyday life still sparkling like a princess.

Kanner Wonsch would like to thank the following for their assistance in helping to make Lisa’s wish a dream come true:

Lux Limousine; McDonald's, Foetz (Mr. Guy Moore); Salon T&A Coiffure, Differdange; Bob & Julie Mandell (US Embassy); Animakids; Luxballoon; Disneyland; Jenny Cools (Face Painting) & all of our wonderful volunteers !!


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