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16 JUNE 2015

Sunday, June 14th the day broke bright, sunny and perfect for a WISH day! The WISHteam assembled early to unveil the surprise for Mick, a boy who adores both fire trucks and trains.  With the blue sky, sunshine and everyone on board, the stage was set for what would unfold to be a wonderful and exciting day.

10-year-old Mick loves fire brigade trucks and trains; all types of trains.  His dream was to take a ride in a train - and did his wish ever come true! 

Mick suffers from Hunter Syndrome, a condition that he was born with. But on his WISHday, Mick was able to forget about his illness as he rode in a new fire truck, an ancient fire truck, and two steam trains!

Imagine his surprise as a new fire engine from the fire brigade of Kehlen pulled up to Mick’s home at 10:30 am to take him on a tour around town. They gave him a complete tour of the fire truck, the tools the firefighters use and even demonstrated the water extinguisher hose!

A second classic fire truck from Petange then came to take Mick to Train 1900 in Fond-de-Gras in Niedercom. 

Once arriving in Neidercom, family and friends enjoyed a tasty lunch at an outdoor cafe while waiting to board Train 1900, which took them for a ride up and down the historic 8km mining line.  Train 1900 is one of the original steam trains from 1874 that was used on the mining railway.  The train was operational until 1964.

The next highlight came when Mick was able to have a personal tour inside the engineer’s compartment and sit in the driver’s seat of Locomotive 5519.  Locomotive 5519 is a German War type Steam Engine, purchased after WWII by the Luxembourgish CFL railway, and was in service in Luxembourg until 1964. 

The engine was saved and restored by a group of volunteers, along with the Luxemburgish Association 5519 ASBL, and financed by the Luxembourg government.

While at the train exhibit, Mick also visited all the other trains from the “Train 5519” team.

At the end of his WISHday, a tired but happy Mick was taken back home after an exciting and full day with memories that will last a lifetime.

We would like to thank the following:
Demy Schandeler  |  The Fire Brigade of Kehlen  |  Fond-de-Gras  |
Locomotive 5519 team | The Fire Brigade of Petange  |  F Communications

The Wish Team and volunteers:
Hedwig Schot  |  Laura Byrne |  Maggie De Matos Almeida
Lisbeth Ganer |  Cindi Wilson |  Sylvie De Matos  |  Marcel Hagendoorn


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