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27 JUNE 2016

Mika is 17 years old and, like many young men his age, he is a huge fan of football. After playing for most of his life, the news of a brain tumor meant he could no longer play his favorite sport. Mika has found it harder to keep in touch with friends and wished to convert his bedroom into a proper boy cave, a cool place to hang out with his friends. Kanner Wonsch was referred to Mika’s family by Kribskrank Kanner with hopes that we could grant this wish.
Thursday, 23 June, Luxembourg National Day:
Mika, his mother, sister and a friend visit IKEA with Kanner Wonsch. Mika selects a bed frame, bed, cabinet, couch, table, lamp, and rug in coordinating black, red and white.
Friday, 24 June:
To ensure a complete surprise for Mika, he and his family are picked up in a limousine and whisked away to the airport for a weekend in Berlin. Mika has wanted to visit Berlin and this is a perfect distraction while his room is being transformed!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday:
The Kanner Wonsch team converge on Mika’s house. Mika’s room is emptied, walls are washed, floors are washed, and molding is removed and replaced. The walls are given a fresh coat of white and red paint. Furniture is built.  Furniture is placed in the room and a surprise flat screen television is added! The WISHteam works tirelessly to transform Mika’s space into a cool lounge and hangout area for him and his friends.
Sunday, 26 June:
Mika’s family return from Berlin and the fully-renovated, redecorated bedroom is revealed.  Mika’s smile says it all.
Mika’s WISH was granted by a team of eight people, many of whom volunteer for the annual Kanner Wonsch fundraiser, the Concours d’Elegance. This team has dedicated many years to putting together the Concours and wanted to experience firsthand how their efforts affect a WISHkid. There is a different magic that happens when one is personally involved in granting a wish in addition to raising the funds to pay for one.

We would like to thank the following for their assistance in making
Mika’s WISH possible:

IKEA Arlon  |    Lux-Limousine  |  Nobel House

The Wish Team and volunteers:
Albert Wetz   |   Wick Aben   |   Toni Madeira   |   Hedwig Schot
Marcel Hagendoorn   |   Lisa Watkins   |   Fredy Heinen   |   Guy Jacoby

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