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Milana 8 years old, Nephroblastoma

I wish to have an iPad

Milana is a young girl, from Belarus, who moved to Luxembourg for medical treatment that was not available in her home country.  Due to her long hospital stays, Milana was unable to attend school.  Because of this, it took her a long time to learn Luxembourgish and make friends. However, she immediately created a strong bond with one of our Russian volunteers with whom she is still close today.

Nadya + Milana 

Milana is an active child who loves acrobatics of all kinds. With the help of Anouk and Marina of Luxembourg Circus School Zaltimbang, Milana was able to spend a full week discovering Circus Arts.  Despite the language barriers, Milana was able to make new friends while planning her circus performance.  On performance day, she was proud to show what she had learned in front of an audience made of parents, friends, and volunteers.  Finally, Milana marveled at the 2022 edition of Semaine de Cirque sous Chapiteau, which was organized by the Zaltimbanq association.

Milana on balançoire 

In order to preserve all these new memories, Kanner Wonsch gave Milana a new iPad full of videos and photos of her time at the circus.   Milana always dreamed of having an iPad.  Now she can easily connect with her friends and family back home in Belarus.  

Stevie Wheel

A huge thank you to the following people and organizations, especially the Zaltimbanq' Zirkus, without whom we would not have been able to fulfill Milana biggest dream.  


Wish Granter – Elodie, Nadya, Marcel.
Wish Helpers – 
Zaltimbanq ASBL
Wish photographer/videographer – Elodie, Marcel.


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