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Football Fanatics Dream Comes True!

28 OCTOBER 2014

Football enthusiasts don’t come any stronger than Paulo. At 16, he is a big fan of the sport and plays whenever he can. However, with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and recovering from radiotherapy and chemotherapy, it hasn’t been as often as he’d like.

Paulo’s biggest wish was to attend a live football match of his favorite team, Real Madrid. That wish came true on October 25th in Madrid, when Paulo watched Real Madrid play FC Barcelona. Not only did he witness his favorite team win 3 – 1, he also watched his two favorite players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, play.

A week before the game, Kanner Wonsch was at his house to surprise him with his two-day trip to Spain and an entire Real Madrid football outfit. His Real Madrid shirt even had his name on it and the number 10, which is his number on his football team.

On game day, Paulo and his family were whisked off to Charleroi to board a flight for Madrid. At the hotel, the precious game tickets were waiting for them. With anticipation growing just before game time, and revelling in the ambiance at the stadium, Paulo called Kanner Wonsch to express his excitement and say that he was so happy to be there. What followed was a spectacular match!

After enjoying Madrid until Sunday afternoon, Paulo sent another message upon his return to Luxembourg, exclaiming that the event was “so great” and he was very, very happy. His experience was unforgettable.


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