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24 MAY 2016

Rafael, aged 5, suffers from progeria, a rare genetic disorder that causes an accelerated aging of the cells. He will soon turn 6 years old, and wished more than anything to meet his favourite superhero, Spiderman, ride in a Ferrari and go to Disneyland. Kanner Wonsch first met Rafael in the summer of 2015 to talk to him about his dreams and wishes.  However, his health at that time made it difficult to grant his wish, and so the decision was made to wait until warmer weather returned again.  This brought us to May 2016 and the fulfillment of his dearest wish.

On Friday, May 20th Rafael woke knowing only that he and his family would be going to spend a night or two in a hotel.  By 9am volunteers stealthily arrived at his home to begin preparing for his big day and WISH reveal.  However, Rafael spotted them from his bedroom window, shyly curious at first but soon brimming with smiles, even though he wasn’t quite sure what was happening. 

After decorating outside his home, the volunteers rang the doorbell and entered Rafael’s home arms full of packages wrapped in blue and red. As Rafael was presented with several Spiderman gifts, it was revealed that he would be going to Disneyland Paris for the weekend to meet Mickey and Donald Duck (but Spiderman was kept a surprise!).  An overwhelmed Rafael couldn’t quite believe that he was really going to Disneyland.

Stepping outside, Rafael and his family were immersed in a festive scene of balloons and Kanner Wonsch banners the volunteers had prepared. Cuddled in his dad’s arms, and surrounded by loads of balloons, Rafael took in the Spiderman theme song playing while two bright red Ferraris from the Ferrari & Friends Club had arrived to make it even more special and exciting. 

The Ferraris soon roared into action, and Rafael and his dad enjoyed a long ride around town in one of the Ferraris. Upon their return, the entire group was hosted for lunch at McDonald’s in Foetz, Rafael’s favourite restaurant, where a colorfully-decorated, themed birthday table awaited them. McDonald’s kindly presented Rafael with a red Ferrari toy car to add to the theme.

With stomachs fed, and excitement already underway, the family was then whisked off by minibus to Disneyland Paris for the weekend. Disney arranged a private “meet and greet” with the REAL Spiderman for Rafael and his family, to his delight and amazement of meeting his superhero in the flesh.  There couldn’t have been a happier boy on the planet when Spiderman picked him up and gave him a big hug. Throughout their special weekend, they also attended lunch with Mickey Mouse and enjoyed the rides and activities that Disney has to offer.  It was a dream come true, and a SUPER time, never to be forgotten.


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