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On 27 September 2018, Kanner Wonsch granted the wish of little Sharleen, 4 years old, Shaken Baby Syndrome, following a press conference in the Bertrange town hall.
Sharleen spends most of her time indoors due to her condition, and her and her mother have been missing nature. Cue Kanner Wonsch for an amazing surprise!
Sharleen and her family thought they were simply coming to the Bertrange town hall to support our organization. In fact, the Kanner Wonsch team, accompanied by their esteemed ambassador Tom Habscheid and national cycling team members Charel Dax and Cédric Pries, were all there to grant Sharleen a wish!
Following a presentation of the Kanner Wonsch association, Sharleen was surprised with a gift that will liberate her to spend more time in nature. As a passenger in her lovely new Triobike, she will now be able to enjoy long rides in the forest, feel the wind in her hair and enjoy the sun on her face! Sharleen’s mother and loved ones were shocked and delighted by the surprise, which will surely transform Sharleen’s life for the better by raising her spirits and strengthening her connection with nature.

We would like to thank the following people, without whom we could not have fulfilled Sharleen's greatest wish: 

Wishforce: Monica, Coralie, Joelle, Marcel & Elodie. 

Wish helpers: Mr. Mayor, Frank Colabianchi and all his team, Nancy Roden, Tun Schroeder, Monique Smit-Thijs, Tom Habscheid, Charel Dax, Cédric Pries, Triobike company based in Denmark, The Welter Company 

Wish photographer: Xavier Vanneste 


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