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Running around, without a care in the world, causing chaos in his family home whilst impersonating Buzz Lightyear. Just like many other 5-year-old boys, this was the life that Vasco was living until a year ago when he was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumor. Otherwise known as Nephroblastoma, this rare cancer of the kidneys is generally seen only in children under the age of 5, as it is believed by many doctors that the tumor begins as a fetus grows in the womb. After they found a lump in Vasco’s abdomen, his parents, Antonio & Carla, were naturally terrified of the implications that a diagnosis might bring. However, the prognosis for most patients suffering from Wilm’s tumor is good, as the cancer rarely spreads to any other area of the body, making it highly treatable. 

As there are no facilities in Luxembourg to treat pediatric cancers, Vasco’s treatment would take place in Brussels. The facilities there are exceptional, but clearly the distance from home adds an additional pressure, particularly when Vasco’s parents had his siblings, Simao & Alfonso (aged 10 & 2 years) to consider as well.

The family has been strong and has successfully supported Vasco through 12 months of intensive treatment in an attempt to free the young boy of cancer.  Devastatingly, the news for Vasco is not as positive as the doctors or family had hoped for. The treatment has not cleared the cancer from his tiny body and now his last hope is surgery. Kanner Wonsch was contacted by staff at the Kannerklinik in the middle of September in hope that they could grant a “Rush Wish” prior to his surgery, as the outcome was not certain.

The surgery is due to take place in Lille on Thursday 26th September. On meeting Vasco, his wish was very clear – to meet his hero Buzz Lightyear at Disneyland Paris. Despite remarkably tight deadlines and Buzz’s tight schedules, Kanner Wonsch volunteers were able to work together to ensure that Vasco’s dream became a reality.

When he arrived at the park on Saturday morning, Vasco and his family were introduced not only to Buzz, but also to his fellow Toy Story characters: Sherriff Woody & Jessie. It was clear to see the pure pleasure on his face as he and his idols worked together to create their very own Mr. Potato Head.

The rest of the day was just as exciting as the family spent the day exploring the Magical Kingdom, enjoying the rides, sights and experiences. The young man even managed enough stamina to enjoy the world class fireworks display at 22.00!!! It was a long overdue and welcome opportunity for the entire family to relax, have fun and enjoy a break from their difficult lives.

Vasco returned safely to his home in Doennange with his family at the end of the weekend.


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