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On Sunday, 17 June 2018, Kanner Wonsch granted its 22nd wish. Seven-year-old Zoé has had a brain tumor for the past three years, but this has never diminished her joyful spirit and immense love of horses. As an equestrian enthusiast, Zoé particularly loves ponies and hoped to have one of her own… cue Kanner Wonsh!

On her Wish Day, Zoé met Kanner Wonsch volunteers at her home, and was presented with a full-size stuffed pony before her best friends arrived in a shiny white limousine filled with candy, drinks, and Zoé’s favorite music. Anticipating the day ahead, but having no idea what awaited her, Zoé excitedly climbed into her luxury ride and headed toward the Réiser Paerdsdeeg. The 26th edition of the international horse show at the Herchesfeld in Crauthem was already in full swing, the perfect place for a horse lover’s wish to be granted!

Before she knew it, the majestic limousine that had driven Zoé to the event was parked in the center of the arena, where horses had been gracefully maneuvering through the obstacle course only moments before.

Soon after descending from the limo, Zoé met a new friend: the beautiful brown-and-blonde Bella! With all eyes on the new pals, Zoé happily embraced Bella and quickly jumped onto her saddle… a perfect fit! With a certificate to prove it, Zoé is now Bella’s official godmother and can visit, ride, and take care of Bella at the Hoffmann stables whenever she likes. Thanks to the event’s organizers, who gifted Zoé a complete equestrian outfit, she can easily take her new friend through the forests whenever her heart desires. Zoé cannot wait to grow up with a pony at her side.

Before her exciting day drew to a close, Zoé shared a special Bella-themed cake with friends and family, who made a champagne toast to a successful wish, a special new bond, and a very happy little girl. Later, when asked about her experience, Zoé excitedly claimed that it was “the best day of her life”. We all hope that this friendship will be long and full of happiness!

We would like to thank the following people, without whom we would not have been able to grant Zoé's greatest wish:
Wishforce Joelle, Helena, Marcel & Elodie.
Wish Granters Charlotte, Alison, Donata, Marie. 
Wish photographer Gregory 
Wish helpers The Hoffmann stables in Dudelange
  One Shot (Nicolas Mariton)
  Horse Riding Luxembourg (Corinne Renda)
  The Réiser Paerdsdeeg organization committee:
  • Thomas Fairfax-Jones
  • Clemens Wintzer
  • Dan Rinaldis
  • François Thiry
  • Julie Thiry
  • Tatjana Konieczny

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